how i became bug hunter without computer

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Hello my name is abdoul i am bug hunter ,security researcher from guinea in west africa .

in this article i will explain you how I became bug hunter without a computer, sorry for my bad english

game begin ….

whats is bug hunters ?

Bug hunters are like white hat hackers who find a bug and reported to the site owner based upon the responsible disclosure policy

whats is bug bounty program?

bug bounty program is a deal offered by many websites and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to exploits and vulnerabilities..

how i started bug hunting without computer ?

my difficult to start learning about technology and bug hunting was i do not undestand english ,i started by learning basic english online ,watching video youtube,using android app like dualingo ,speaky etc.. for learning and improving my knowledge in english.

to practice what I learn on my phone Since my computer is spoiled for lack of financial means i do not have a computer I set up free internet for friends so that they could lend me their computer, as I come from a family of traders, I sell the day in the evening I learned to program, I sell the day I learned to hack at night

the most difficult thing was that I could not share with the brothers, the friends, the family because they believed that the technology was reserved for the American, the European, the Asian but not a little poor of Guinea

I remember the first time to hear the word “bug bounty” I asked directly in bug bounty furum in facebook “ i know programming what tools i need to learn for bug bounty” . a awesome man Shan kar reply me “ learn basic awasp top ten ,burp suite etc..” directly i send it message on facebook

it was my great day thank again dear shan kar after some days of learning boom i hacked the first telecomunication company in guinea ,reported it got five t-chirt

some day again i hacked live chat of ubagroup write-up here but in africa when you hack a company you got nothing not even thanks,i think they dont know impact of security

now i just hack ,eat ,sleep, repeat every days

for newbie how you can became bug hunter or security researcher ?

There are some books for Web application penetration testing methodology and hunting the web. Through this you learn the basics and essentials of penetration testing and bug hunting. Since bug bounties often include website targets, i focus on getting you started with Web Hacking

web application hacker handbook

owasp testing guide

web hacking 101

for people like me who dont have money to buy it you can find the pdf file online by searching on google

website to learn for free ?


bugcrowd univerity

where you can practice ?




Owasp Juice Shop


when you have basic of bug hunting start reading write-up

where i can read write-up ?

pentestland write-up

hackerone hactivity

awesome bug bounty write-up

Watch bug hunting tutorial on youtube


how to shot website by Jhaddix

bug hunting methodology

the secret life of bug bounty hunter by frans rozen

what tools bug hunter use ?

browser like firefox, chrome ,safari ,internet explorer

for recon: shodan, censys, wappalyzer etc..

for exploit:




you can find an awsesome tools here

bugcrowd furum


what os bug hunter use ?

kali lunix



where i can find awesome payload?

xss payload




bug bounty platforms to get bounty?





…game over

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thanks very much for reading my article i hope you like it